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How I Make 370,000 Naira In Less Than A Month With Just 7,400 Naira


On November 18, 2016 a friend of mine came to my house and introduced a business that is too good to be true. At First I doubted him and I say to him “Kunle I’m not interested, it might be one of those scammers”. After he left my place, I sat down and the thought came back into my mind again. Something in my mind told me “this could be true, just give it a try”. On 20 November, 2016, I registered and behold the rest was history. 

What Is This Business All About?
It's An Online Investment Called "CROWDRISING"

#CROWDRISING is an online business (pair to pair online biz) where users are allowed to donate to their sponsors.

In crowdrising you must have a sponsor. The sponsor is the person who referred you or the person whom the system paired you with.

Now to join Crowdrising you need an upgrade fee of 7,400 this money is not going to be paid to the system it is going to your sponsors account straight after paying that amount you will be upgraded from level 0-1 because someone in level0 can't receive payment

As soon as you upgrade the system automatically add you to the pairing system and from henceforth people will be paired under you to pay you 7,400 Into 5

As soon as you are done confirming five payments you will be notified to u upgrade to level2. In level 2 you will pay another upgrade fee of 14,800 to whoever you are matched with after which others will be matched to pay you the same amount (25) the level continues till level 15

That's just a summary

After upgrading to level2 no more referring till u get to level15
They assume the first five persons you have gotten in level1 is from your work either the ones you referred or the pairs
In level2 they will begin to match people in your down lines who want to upgrade to level 2 as well with you and you will be their level2 sponsor
And they will submit their level2 payment to you while you confirm them.

What If I Can’t Get Referrals For Myself?
You don’t need to worry about referrals if you are in my team. Referral is like ABC to us and getting yours is sure with us. That is “We Will Get Referrals For You”. All you have to do is to join my team.

How Much Can I Make With This Business?
You can make as much as Nine Million Naira or more within 5 months of joining.

How Can I Join Your Team?
Register Here Let me be your Sponsor >>> http://crowdrising.net/ref/weezfeesy

NB: If you are having problem with your registration or activation, Call/Whatsapp 07065005521 for assistance.

PS: After Registering, make sure you make payment to your sponsor immediately and notify him/her to activate it for you. Failure to do this, your account will be deleted after 24 hours.

Note: If you don't have your 7,400 Naira at hand please don't register. We need serious minded people that we will work with to break levels. As we need to keep the train continue moving for our own interest.

PS: If your referral is filled up and you have someone that wants to join, you can call us at 07065005521.

George Emmanuel
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